Test – don’t guess – especially when it comes to your fitness and nutrition program.

You’re ready to ditch the cookie-cutter diets and never ending fitness programs, and start with a 100% customized and personal program that’s going to get you results. A program designed to fill in the gaps and help you start seeing the inches drop, your energy come back and your body transforming in your trouble spots.

Let me introduce you to my (not-so secret) process of getting clients custom weight loss results every single time. It’s the 4:14 Fitness signature Metabolic Hierarchy. It’s the foundation of every program I create and every client I coach.

The truth is, if you learn how to create a fitness, nutrition and lifestyle program around each of these pieces, in this exact order, it’s the only “programming” you’ll ever need to see results – literally – for the rest of your life.

When it comes to losing weight in your trouble spots (especially), it comes to restoring health and balance to your body. When your body is healthy and balanced internally, fat loss becomes a “side-effect” of health.

When you’re creating your custom weight loss program, you’ll want to work through each of the areas in the specific order I’ve listed above (yes, where you focus your attention matters) and ensure you’re balanced or working to restore balance in each area. For example, there’s no point in going “healthy” with Paleo or Keto eating if you can’t first digest a protein, a fat and a carb. If you can’t break food down to its smallest

In order to pinpoint specific areas of the hierarchy where you might be balanced versus areas that may be causing major roadblocks in your weight loss, you must first test. Why? Because at 4:14 Fitness we like to take as much guesswork out of the equation as possible. Your body will tell us what we need to know, it’s simply a matter of testing and then knowing how to interpret your results.

In this blog I’ll cover the list of at-home testing supplies I use personally and have each of my clients use.

The 4:14 Fitness Testing Toolkit Items:

  1. pH Strips
  2. 10-parameter strips
  3. Blood pressure cuff
  4. Blood glucose monitor
  5. Basal body thermometer
  6. Digital bathroom scale
  7. Tape measure

Once you’ve gathered your testing tool kit, it’s time to get to work testing and gathering information about your body. Stay tuned for Part 2 of Your At Home Testing Kit series where I’ll walk you through interpreting your results.