You’ve heard about the mind-body-spirit connection, right? It turns out there is some real practical SCIENCE involved. The crazy thing is, the more science researches our body, the more it points right back to being created by God. What we learn in the Bible is being backed up by the science community each and every day.

Crazy cool, huh?!?

After reading this research, you’ll want to be lacing up your workout sneakers AND you’ll have some inspiration to pick up weights! 🙂

Have you heard about “hope molecules”?

These are real, live molecules that are in your body – and they get released when you exercise, specifically when your muscles contract.

They are called myokines, and they’re a BIG topic of research. They can affect your mood, your immune system, and basically every organ in your body (even your brain).

Myokines are special chemicals that your muscles create and secrete when you contract them.

They travel through your bloodstream to your brain, and they act as an antidepressant, make you feel less stressed, and can help you learn.

PLUS … myokines can help:

● Reduce inflammation

● Control blood sugar

● Battle cancer cells

● Improve brain function

● Burn more fat as fuel

The ONLY WAY to get these chemicals into your brain is to use your muscles!

Researchers started calling myokines “hope molecules” because they appear to work at the brain level to help it recover from stress.

So …. exactly HOW do you exercise to spur more myokine action in your body?

It really doesn’t matter – basically, just make sure your muscles contract. That could mean walking, biking, running, lifting weights, or any other continuous action that makes your muscles move.

Just another reason to feel good about including fitness as part of your self-care routine.

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