It's Go Time!

Thank you and welcome to the beginning of your Get Unstuck Package.  

If you need assistance, the fastest way to reach us is in the 4:14 Fitness Community.  Simply join the community (CLICK HERE) and send a direct message in the chat.  Messages are typically answered within 24-hours Monday - Thursday.  You're welcome to email, however, emails are typically a slower response time (48-72 hours).

Your Next Steps. . .


CLICK HERE and and enter your name and email address.  Within the next 15 minutes you'll receive an email with directions to order your testing supplies, complete your paperwork & get started with your transformation.  Look for an email with the subject:  "Welcome to Your Get Unstuck Package."  Everything you need will be inside your email.  Please check your spam if you don't receive an email within 15 minutes.  

While You're Waiting. . .

Join the 4:14 Fitness Community by CLICKING HERE.  In the community I give away a ton of free information, recipes, etc..  Also, this is the best place to send your questions (for ex. if you don't see your welcome email).  Inside the community you have access to direct message us.  Messages are typically returned within 24-hours Monday through Thursday.

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