Trust Affects Your Outcome.

Picture this with me. You’re completely exhausted after a long day of being on your feet. Those puppies are screaming at you! All you want to do is come home, plop down on your favorite comfy chair and relax. It’s one of those days where you’re going to drop your bags on the floor and sprawl out on your favorite chair (or couch) because your body is just too exhausted to keep going. You might even take a little nap once you’re settled in and relaxed.

But, what if you only trusted that comfy chair half-way, or a little bit? What if you questioned whether that chair could hold you up like it’s supposed to. What if you sat down and started to wonder if you would be jolted awake in the middle of your nap by a crashing sound beneath you followed by a throbbing pain in your tailbone from hitting the ground?

Would your lack of trust affect how you plop down? Would you test it out first, maybe sit down gently just to make sure nothing was going to happen? Would you hold onto something else while you’re sitting down just incase?

Everything changes when you don’t trust the chair. If you thought it might let you fall, you wouldn’t plop down with all your weight. You wouldn’t sprawl across it and take a nap. You wouldn’t sit for hours and watch t.v. or read a book. Your mind would always be wondering, am I going to fall?

The trust you have in something directly affects the choices you make and the outcome of your experience. If you don’t trust the chair you never fully enjoy what it could deliver (or get that nap in). You won’t utilize all the chair has to offer because you don’t trust it 100%. Are you missing out on something great (like a nap) because you don’t trust the chair? The chair is 100% stable and ready, but if your mind says, “Don’t trust it,” you’ll miss out on the rewards of trusting the chair.

Trust & Weight Loss.

If you’ve tried it all to lose the weight, and nothing seems to work, don’t hire the first coach you run into that has the “magic solution” to your problem. Don’t buy the info product, exercise gadget, or gym membership. Seriously. Don’t pay money for anything in the weight loss world unless you fully trust it to get you the results you’re after.

Trust is everything in whether your body will finally see tangible results from your hard work and discipline. You can hire a world-renowned, top-dollar trainer and never lose an inch if you don’t trust your trainer. Why? Because the lack of trust will affect the choices you make both with and without your trainer.

Think about it. IF YOU DON’T TRUST YOU CAN GET RESULTS, you won’t stay as disciplined outside of seeing your trainer, and you might not even give it your 100% when you’re with your trainer. You’ll skip that walk or not eat the breakfast you promised…because at the end of the day, you aren’t really sure if it’s going to work. So you show up for sessions, but outside of that, you rely on you’re own understanding and insights, instead of following through with what your trainer asked you to do.

The Steps I Personally Take To Hire A Coach I Can Trust.

Yes, I have coaches. COACHES. Meaning more than 1. I have coaches for areas of my life where I haven’t been able to get the results I want. From time to time, I even hire personal trainers to write my programming so I don’t have to think about it and can simply show-up, do the work, and go home. It frees up my mental space and allows me to focus on other areas of my life – like serving my community, being a mom and creating content for the 4:14 Fitness tribe. A good coach is worth 10x what you pay them, even if it’s the most expensive coach in the field.

However, I don’t just hire anyone. A bad coach will cost me more time getting to the results I want. While we can always make more money, we can never get back precious time. So, I am extremely careful in hiring a coach, and usually pay top dollar for the ones I do hire. The right coach is invaluable!

Here are the top 3 things I look for BEFORE I spend a dime on coaching:

  1. Has this person walked in my shoes? I ALWAYS choose a coach who has been through a similar experience as the one I’m currently struggling with. In doing this, I find someone I can relate to on an emotional level, mental level and connect in a way that motivates and inspires me.
  2. Does this person have a track record of results? I ALWAYS choose a coach who can shown me proof the method they teach/coach works. If I know it’s worked for others, it builds my trust in the process. If it’s a new coach who has stumbled onto something great, I make sure the science behind it aligns with the claims being made. If that checks out, I’m likely to give it a shot and be on the fore-front of something new and innovative.
  3. Do I TRUST this person? I ALWAYS have a conversation, listen to podcasts, read the content they put out, get on their mailing list…just to make sure I feel like I can TRUST this person. If I can’t trust this person, it doesn’t matter how much I pay them. I’m not going to get my money’s worth out of the coaching, or the product, because I won’t follow through 100%. I’ll have reservations and I won’t have the ability to focus, stay the course and trust the process. The decisions I make outside of my coaching time ultimately leads me to success or failure. In order to make the right decisions, I have to trust my coach is leading me in the right direction.

Trust is a huge deal. You must trust in the coach you hire if you’re ever going to succeed in the weight loss world, or any other area of life you’re struggling in. Don’t settle for someone you can’t fully commit or trust in. Coaches are an invaluable tool – as long as you choose the right one for you.

Blessings and Strength-