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Don't just show up expecting a good workout.  Show up expecting a program designed  to transform your body from the inside out!  


How did Cheryl Transform Her Body In 12-weeks? 


She gets asked that question a lot as friends pass her in public, and question whether that's really Cheryl or not.  Or she shows up to one of her 3 kids' school events and teachers or friends see her for the first time in several months.

Cheryl has no thyroid, PCOS, surgeries too many to count from crazy weird things that just randomly happened to her body, blood work that wasn't so great and a family history of heart disease.  So, how did she do it?  

Here was the exact protocol we used with Cheryl:  

#1.  FOOD & DIGESTION:  Testing showed she had poor bile flow, low stomach acid and an inability to properly utilize carbs.  Through supplementation and dietary changes she optimized her digestion, making food work for her body, not against it.
#2.  ELECTROLYTE STATUS & CIRCADIAN RHYTHM:  Bio-Individual testing revealed a low electrolyte status and an issue with cell permeability.  Through fitness protocols, lifestyle adjustment and supplementation we were able to create balance in these areas. 
#3 WORKOUTS:  High stress levels in her body meant workouts were typically 2 per week, with max workout time 18-minutes or less.  Recovery workouts 2 per week (15-20 minute videos at home) and when her bio-individual numbers were balanced, we often included a 12-min. sprint session 1x per week.

"Sarah made a completely personalized plan for me, and me alone.  She helped me discover what foods cause inflammation in my body, what supplements are best for me now, and designed a personalized workout plan."

The ONLY personal training company in Texas using the 4:14 Fitness Metabolic Hierarchy.


Test.  Don't Guess.


The root cause of the symptom is the true mystery.  THAT'S WHY WE TEST.  In order to accelerate your results and stop wasting TIME and MONEY, we test everything possible to determine how your body is functioning and where your underlying imbalances might be.

 The following are some of the testing that helps us develop your fitness plan:

FOOD SENSITIVITY testing (by a 3rd party lab)

The Secret Sauce

Training Designed Around YOU!

You've tested.  Why?  Because you want to quit wasting time "guessing" what your body needs to lose the stubborn weight that just once budge.  You want a plan designed around you, for you.  No cookie-cutter.

Once we've gathered all your bio-individual numbers, we plug them into data sheet and begin to understand which part of the hierarchy might be out of balance and needs some work.  We begin with digestion first and work our way down.  To learn more about basic imbalances and for tons of resources, subscribe to Sarah's Podcast by CLICKING HERE.

Testing an initial time is a great snapshot of where your metabolism is on that day.  However, your metabolism will likely change from week to week, and you'll need your plan to change as your body changes.  The typical client testing kit is made of simple self-test items you can purchase at health food stores or even online through Amazon.  Here's a peek at what you'll need:

Blood Pressure Cuff
Glucometer (to test blood sugar) + (optional) Ketone Monitor
pH Strips (single-block)
10-Parameter Urine Strips
Digital Weight Scale (must measure body fat, visceral fat, pounds of muscle)


How long does my Breakthrough Session last?

We scheduled 60-minutes for each Breakthrough Session.  Typically sessions last between 45-55 minutes.

What happens during my Breakthrough Session?

During the first half of your session, there will be quite a few questions.  This is a time where we gather, or collect, "the dots" of your metabolic puzzle.  Once we've gathered your dots, we'll walk you through the 4:14 Fitness Metabolic Hierarchy and where your "dots" will likely connect to imbalances.  Our goal is to help bridge the gap when it comes to mastering your metabolism and understanding what might be going on with your weight loss struggle.

Towards the end of your session, you'll have a personal trainer take you through one of our signature 4:14 Fitness workouts.  Don't worry, everything is customized to meet you where you're at.  Most workouts last 9-12 minutes...but they will push you, regardless of your fitness level.

What should I wear to the Breakthrough Session?

Workout clothes and tennis shoes are required if you plan to workout.  If you're only interested in nutrition coaching, please send us an email at and let us know.  We prefer nutrition sessions to be done at a quieter location across the street from the gym.

Will I have testing during my Breakthrough Session?

No.  Bio-Individual testing won't begin until you are 4:14 Fitness client.  We will use heart rate training during your session, so you'll have your heart rate zones when you leave your breakthrough.

Does it cost anything to have a Breakthrough Session?

An initial Breakthrough Session is 100% complimentary.  It's important to test-drive a program before committing to ensure you're a great fit for the program and the program is a great fit for you.

How much does it cost to hire a 4:14 Fitness trainer?

Each individual will need a different protocol, so it's hard to give an exact number until after our breakthrough session.  The packages we offer range in price from $149/month to $1200/month, with a minimum of a 3-month commitment.

What if I don't live in the Katy/Fulshear, Texas area, but I am still interested in training and/or nutrition coaching with 4:14 Fitness?

4:14 Fitness has online training programs as well as in-person.  To inquiry about our online training programs, simply email, or inquire below by sending an email in the "contact us" section.



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