#NoSuchThingAsHealthy. . .only what's healthy for you!

Pressed for time, but want to get started learning about bio-individual fitness & nutrition?

#NoSuchThingAsHealthy is the place to start.

No secret diets, gimmicks or pills.  All you have to do is STOP GUESSING & START TESTING when it comes to your food, fitness and nutrients.

Or, let me rephrase that. . .

What if, in the next 30-days, you had a peek inside your body and knew exactly what common foods, drinks, and nutritional deficiencies were causing your waist line to expand, your belly to bloat, and your skinny jeans to stay tucked away in the back of the closet without a hope of seeing daylight anytime soon?

. . . what if you didn't just have the information, but you also had an easy - to - follow framework guiding you through the process of creating a weight loss plan based around you and not some crazy, off-the-wall diet or fat-burner pill?

Because life is short and your time is valuable.  You've wasted enough years on in the yo-yo dieting train and it's time to make a stop.  When you decide to start testing, instead of guessing, about what foods work for or against your body, you save time searching for another diet or falling for the latest infomercial designed to take your money and leave you frustrated and without results.

If you want to learn more about taking the guesswork out of your weight loss 

here's the problem. . .

In order to lose weight, you know you need a plan.

However, right now you're doubting anything will work & you're really struggling.  You're probably thinking:

"I'm so ashamed of myself.  I've never been this big."
"Where am I going to find the time for another program?  I'm already running like crazy and barely have time to sleep."
"Wow.  That's a lot of money for an online program. What if it doesn't work?"
"I've tried everything to lose weight.  Maybe the problem is me."
"I've done programs before and never followed through.  It's just a waste of money for me."
"I already know what to do.  I'm just not doing it."
"I'm already working with a trainer, but my body isn't changing as fast as I thought it would.  I wonder if this would help?"

Can you imagine . . . 

-Losing 5-10 pounds without crazy crash dieting?

-Finally zipping your pants without a circus show to make it happen because your belly isn't so bloated?

-Walking into your closet and picking out an actual outfit instead of opening up your drawer to pull out your stretchy yoga pants and your husband's over-sized t-shirt?

-Skipping the usual rearranging your whole life, spending hours in the gym and drinking kale shakes to start losing weight and instead start your weight loss journey by opening up an email, watching a few videos and avoiding foods which are causing you to gain weight?

If you want to learn how to lose weight the easy way, without crash diets and losing entire food groups you didn't need to, 

I have something for you. . .

Introducing. . .
Only What's Healthy For You

My signature, 4-Phase, T.I.R.R. framework that walks you step-by-step through the process of testing, implementing, reintroducing foods that once caused you weight gain and then learning to rotate or react - so you stop wasting time and ditch your bloated belly and slip into your skinny jeans.

I've used the T.I.R.R. framework & food sensitivity testing in private coaching for years. 
Here are the results my clients have seen . . .

About your coach

Nice to meet you!

I'm the girl behind #NoSuchThingAsHealthy. . . and I can't wait to see your "after" pictures when you become my next walking billboard!  Yep - that's going to be you!

#NoSuchThingAsHealthy is actually a portion of what I've been using with private clients for years!  It ALWAYS moves the needle WITH HUGE weight loss success!

But not everyone can have access to private coaching whether it's budget, time, being on a waitlist, etc. it's not always an option.  I believe EVERYONE needs access to food sensitivity testing and my step-by-step T.I.R.R. framework.  That's exactly why I packaged up #NoSuchThingAsHealthy!

I'll see you inside!

"Testing is great - knowing what to do with your results is where the magic happens."

Phase 1
(week 1-2)
T = Test

Module 1: Send your hair sample to the lab to test for common food & environmental sensitivities along with nutrient deficiencies so that you can identify "healthy" foods specific to your chemistry & start to identify what nutrients are lacking in your body.
Module 2: Learn how food sensitivities can keep you stuck in the vicious "fat" cycle so that you will never fall for another "eat healthy" scam again, but instead know how to tell if something is healthy for you.
Module 3: Prepare for your results to arrive so that you are set up to succeed on the beginning of your weight loss journey - from day 1.

Phase 2
(week 3-5 )
I = Implement

Module 1: Using your food sensitivity results, we'll create a simple, easy-to-follow food plan so that you're not left guessing about what to do next for weight loss or stuck information overload.
Module 2:  Using your environmental results, you'll do a quick overview so that you can identify how strong your mucosa lining is (you'll already know what mucosa is & why it's important) & begin the process of working to lower inflammation.
Module 3: Using your nutritional deficiency results, you'll uncover the gaps in your current eating  & supplementation so that you can work on a plan to give your body the nutrients it desperately needs.

Phase 3
(week 6+)
R = Re-Introduce

Module 1: Removing weight gain foods from your diet is part of the process, but you need to tools to help you re-introduce them into your life so that you can can continue your weight loss journey & enjoy some of the "healthy" foods that once caused you massive issues internally.
Module 2: As you're re-introducing foods, you might discover foods that still don't work for your body.  You need to know what to do so that you mentally & physically don't throw in the towel and stop your weight loss journey.  You need tools to get you back on track and help set realistic expectations along the way.

Phase 4
(week 6+)
R = Rotate or React

Module 1: Rotate or React is a huge part of learning to lower food sensitivities in your body so that you can continue to enjoy the foods you love the most without gaining weight and causing massive inflammation in your body.
Module 2:  Learn how to keep it simple when it comes to meal planning and rotating so that you don't get overwhelmed, frustrated and throw your hands up when it comes to planning your meals rotation style.  I'll give you my easy-to-follow, simple steps to rotating foods in real life.
Module 3: Knowing when & how to retest is vital so that you can stay ahead of weight gain and continue on your journey towards achieving the body of your dreams.

What makes #NoSuchThingAsHealthy Different?


#NoSuchThingAsHealthy is the first program of it's kind that combines BOTH testing your body chemistry AND a step-by-step framework to jumpstart your weight loss immediately.

THE END RESULT: You're able to take step 1 in your weight loss journey, see the scale drop, zip up those skinny pants without completely overhauling your diet and changing everything about your life day 1.

Take a peek inside my simple, step-by-step, easy to follow T.I.R.R. framework. . . 


1 time payment

1 - Food Sensitivity Test

1 - Environmental Sensitivity Test

1 -  Nutrient Deficiency Test

Immediate Access #NoSuchThingAsHealthy Course

1 -Results Success Session w/Sarah to review your results and give a little guidance on your journey

**Bonus** Meal Prep For Weight Loss Beginner's Guide

**Bonus** Fitness 101:  Finding Fitness That Works FOR Your Body, Not Against It (released by 4/15/22)

In addition to my  #NoSuchThingAsHealthy 
T.I.R.R. framework. . . 

I'm also going to throw in 3 bonuses designed to jumpstart your weight loss.  The world of dieting & losing stubborn fat is full of information and misinformation, you already know that.  

But you also know fitness, eating healthy instead of grabbing meals in the drive-thru is important too.

The question - where do you start? 

Healthy eating is a must.  Understanding how to shop, prep and prepare healthy meals for you & your family - that's a must.  I've got you covered in my Meal Prep for Weight Loss Beginner's Guide.
Fitness 101:  Finding Fitness that works for your body, not against it Workshop.

How do I test?

You collect 10-15 strands of hair, place them in a plastic bag along with your submission form, pop it in the mail and a 3rd party lab will do all of your testing.  It's that simple.

What tests are included as part of the package & who does the testing?

Your package includes testing for:  Food Sensitivities, Nutrient Deficiencies & Environmental Sensitivities.  

It's unrealistic to test every single item, however, the lab will test the most common items - over 200 different foods, over 83 nutrients and 125 environmental items.

The tests are performed by 5 Strands Affordable Testing.  

How long does it take to get my results & how are they delivered?

Your results will be delivered via email from 5 Strands.  It takes 5-7 business days once the lab receives your hair sample.  From the time you drop your sample in the mail, it takes approximately 14-21 days total turnaround time.

How can they determine my sensitivities by using my hair?

5 Strands uses hair, not blood, to test for sensitivities using a process called Bio-Resonance.  

Here's the science behind it:  

Bio-Resonance technology is a safe, non-invasive, form of assessment for energetic alignments in the human body. The premise is based on biophysics and quantum mechanics. All particles of matter share the characteristics of both waves and particles and emit electromagnetic waves. Each person, microbe, food substance, or toxin has its own unique wavelength or frequency with individual characteristics. This includes all the cells in the body as well as substances such as pollens, toxins, viruses, bacteria, food, etc. 

You can read more about it by checking out their website HERE.

I've heard of a food allergy.  Is that what we are testing for?

No.  Food allergies and food sensitivities are both immune system responses, however they have 2 different reactions. 

Food allergies can be a life threatening reaction and is almost immediate.  

Food sensitivities cause an inflammatory response that is not life-threatening, but causes immediate weight gain and often delayed onset of symptoms such as runny nose, headaches, constipation, joint aches, etc.

The testing you are doing is not a diagnosis of food allergies or environmental allergies...only food sensitivities.

Can't I just get my testing done and skip all the course work?

Absolutely you can.  Testing is information.  Once you have the information, you can do anything you want with it - or nothing at all.  Often, the problem with information is it's overwhelming and you get stuck trying to figure out where to start and what to do with it all.

The course (#NoSuchThingAsHealthy) is what you do with information.  It's your action plan.

The 4-phase T.I.R.R. framework helps you take the information you learn from testing, implement it in a manageable way and then follow a step-by-step plan to make food work for your body and continue your weight loss goals.

Can I ask questions before I decide to purchase?

Of course!  You're welcome to send us an email at info@414fitness.com or hop on over to the 4:14 Fitness Facebook page by CLICKING HERE.

How long does it take after I purchase to get access to the program?

Within 15 minutes of purchase, you should receive your login details and password to access #NoSuchThingAsHealthy.  Once you've logged in, you'll have instant access to submit your hair sample testing and begin Phase 1 of the T.I.R.R. framework.

You want to lose weight and feel better - but you just don't have time to completely overhaul your entire life.  You would rather start small, see some progress and then add in other lifestyle changes.
You've done cookie-cutter diets like Paleo, Whole 30, or Keto and gained weight.  You feel like "healthy" food makes you feel even worse than just scarfing down pizza.
You don't need massive amounts of accountability, just a plan, a little encouragement and a place to ask questions.  When you set your mind to something, you got it!  No hand-holding required.

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