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Walk. 30-60 minutes.  Every. Single. Day.

It sounds too easy, however the compound effect of a daily walk is enormous in getting the body of your dreams.  This 1 cornerstone habit is non-negotiable.

Walking is your secret key to balancing hormones, helping lower stress, and losing your belly & love handles for good.  

If you're speed walking, I need you to slow it downLeisure walking is all I want.  Put on some music, take the dog, relax and enjoy.  Your walk should be in a Zone 1 or a Zone 2 max.  

Not sure how to find your zones?  Check out the link below.


3 P.M. Carb Cut-Off

Intermittent Fasting (IF) has been quite the rage lately in dieting.  It's basically giving your body a break from food (not eating) for specified periods of time.  

Side note - I don't recommend IF especially if you have low blood pressure readings (below 112/74).  You need food, and the ability to digest it, if you have low blood pressure.

The 3 P.M. Carb Cut-Off is easiest to explain using fasting terms.  While you're not fasting from protein, fat or green carbs, you are fasting from high sugar foods from 3 p.m.  until breakfast the following morning (yes-you should always eat breakfast).  The 3 P.M. Carb Cut-Off gives your body a 16-18 hour window to work on lowering insulin levels, which means bye-bye belly!

Please- don't go hog wild on sugar and junk you wouldn't normally eat just because of the cut-off.  I'm simply asking you to eat normally with one exception - after 3 p.m. stick to protein (meats), fats (oils, nuts, etc.), and green carbs (broccoli, salad, etc.). 

If you like to keep it easy (like me), stick to green carbs after 3 p.m.  If you need a little more variety, I've given you a list of low & medium carb foods that will work for the 3 p.m. cut-off.  Keep it simple and do what works best for you.

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