2020 Healthy Christmas Recipe Book

It's been a year, hasn't it?  For some of us, Covid and quarantine have led to packing on a few extra pounds.  Now, we're heading into the thick of the holiday season and desperate for a little "healthy" this holiday season.

Not to worry, we've been busy creating some delicious and easy to follow Christmas recipes in The 4:14 Fitness Kitchen.  CLICK HERE to download your 2020 Healthy Christmas Recipe Book.

What's Included In The 2020 Edition?

We've got clean and healthy versions of your favorite classics, and some recipes that are sure to be a new family favorite.

Shrimp Cocktail
Beef Carpacciou with Fresh Salad
Parsnip Soup  with Thyme and Pancetta
Vegan Potato Gratin
Spicy Roasted Carrots with Tahini
Beef Wellington
. . . even healthy dessert options

Tracking You Macros

If you've gotten into the habit of tracking macros, or maybe you want to start, every single recipe comes with the macro breakdown.  To simply things even more, we've added a barcode to each recipe.  Simply Open up MyFitnessPal and scan the barcode.  Everything about your meal will automatically be uploaded for you.

Done - For - You Grocery Shopping List

If you decide to go with all a family feast this year, as always, The 4:14 Fitness Kitchen has even provided you with an easy to use grocery shopping list.  Hey, why not go big or go home?!?

CLICK HERE to download your recipe book today!

I wish you nothing but wonderful memories this year, peace throughout your holiday season...and I am looking forward to all the transformations to come in 2021!

Merry Christmas!
- Sarah -