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How To: 
Lose Your Muffin Top, Saddlebags & Thunder Thighs 

So you can fit in your skinny jeans, drop the 'mom-bod,' and proudly show off your legs for days this summer!

In this exclusive master class, you'll learn that fat - loss has NOTHING to do with killing yourself at the gym, extreme dieting, or purging the food you love from your life forever.  

What I'll Uncover For You During This Master Class

You only think you've heard it all when it comes to fitness, nutrition and dropping the stubborn fat.  I can promise you, if you give me an hour of your time, I'll give you the secret protocols I use to help clients drop stubborn body fat with ease, EVEN if they haven't lost an inch for years!

Secret #1

METABOLIC HIERARCHY.  I'll show you the exact plan I use with every single client.  I'll walk you through my fat loss protocol and help you uncover "mysterious" issues in your body that are keeping you fat & tired.

Secret #2

BIO-INDIVIDUAL NUTRITION.  It's a completely new concept I'm going to introduce. . . that's all about YOU.  We'll talk about testing, instead of guessing, when it comes to your food, fitness, cravings, and more!

Secret #3

HORMONES.  Did you know where you hold your stubborn fat tells us what hormones are likely out of balance?  It's true.  That's why my clients and I are able to spot-reduce their problem spots with ease. 

About Your Presenter

After over a decade in the fitness & nutrition world, hundreds of clients, and thousands of hours of research, trial, and error, Sarah has created a a simple, step-by-step fat-loss program guaranteed to take the guess work out of your fat-loss protocol.

Sarah Whitehead, B.S.

Certifications Include:  Personal Trainer, Nutrition Coach, Heart Rate Performance Specialist, Public Speaker, Corrective Exercise Specialist

By the time I hit 30, my body fell apart, my health deteriorated and I had gained lovely "labels."   Things like PCOS, Hoshimoto's, Adrenal Fatigue, Epstein Barr and a spinal chord injury.  I was a metabolic mess!

Even though I had the credentials to know what I was doing, traditional fitness and nutrition failed me.  I was tired, miserable and holding onto excess fat.  Everything I tried backfired and the weight always came back.

Never one to give up, I dug in deep, did the research, went outside of the box and created my own unique programs that work.  They work because they're based on the uniqueness of your body.  Today, in everything I do, it's "Stop the cookie cutter programs.  Instead, Test.  Don't Guess."

Join me as I introduce you to my world of Bio-Individual Fitness & Nutrition.

More Highlights From My Presentation

My step-by-step framework for mastering your metabolism & taking the guess-work out of what diet is right for you.
The 3 mistakes you MUST avoid when starting a new fitness or nutrition program.
The unique method you can use to get your problem areas to finally budge, even when nothing has moved for decades!
My secret resources for finding what imbalances you need to begin to work on a.s.a.p. to start seeing results.
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You're probably thinking you've tried everything out there and nothing works.  Why get your hopes up again or waste your time with another gimmick.  Rest assured, you'll leave this class knowing WHY everything has failed & WHAT TO DO from now on to lose the weight.

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