Dear Crazy, Restrictive, Disgusting, Manipulative Diets. . .

It's OVERwe are breaking up with you.

It's time to step away from dieting and start testing, not guessing, when it comes to fat loss.

Some of you reading this might be saying. . . 

"I have tried every diet out there and nothing works. With Keto I gained 7 pounds, I dropped 0 with clean eating and it was a ton of work, with Weight Watchers I lost 10 and now I'm gaining it back.  I do feel like I'm just guessing when it comes to losing fat."

Others of you might be thinking. . .

"Now that I'm over 40 I just have to settle for extra weight and my clothes not fitting.  It happened to my mom, my grandmother and every woman in our family.  Are you telling me the diet might be the problem, not my age and genetics?"

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