Everything You Know About Dieting
Is Wrong (and making you fat and tired)

Oh my goodness!  Diet and nutrition information is everywhere!  Literally - you live in information overload mode.  Scroll through Pinterest or Google it.  It paralyzes you.  Frustrates you.  And ultimately will end up leading you down the wrong road!

There's a NEW EXPERT every year or so that comes out with a revolutionary new diet that promises to change this forever.  It's the solution you've been looking for.  

My biggest issue with these experts?  I'm glad you asked.

My Biggest Issue w/the Experts. . .

Their "diet" (which, of course, is backed up by research) always involves one of the following:   1.  Eliminating an entire food group for the rest of your life -or- 2.  Cutting calories, carbs or both.  

Everyone has heard (and some of us have lived through the metabolic damage that can occur from this mentality) of the intense focus of HOW MUCH you eat.  The old calories in versus calories out mentality.  While it does affect your weight and energy level to some extent, it's certainly not the "holy grail" everyone makes it out to be!  If it were, then everyone on a 500-900 calorie diet would be thin, energetic and bursting to share their success with everyone.  

Let's Switch Our Focus For A Minute.

Let's be total rebels and go with a totally different mentality.  Let's focus on (the often over-looked, but proven) WHAT  you eat and drink and HOW  your body breaks it down.  Don't worry, I'm going to keep it as simple as I can for you.  

Don't get me wrong.  Limiting calories, carbs, and fat can get you quick results, but when it comes to long-lasting weight loss, you need to be able to eat.  Am I right?  It's not any fun to have to cook every single meal and never have a social life because of your diet - for the rest of your life.  That's a huge reason a lot of people "fall off the wagon" and end up gaining all the weight back - plus ten pounds!

I believe, and it's the protocol I use at 4:14 Fitness, in a different type of fat-loss protocol, and it's worked for every single client I've ever used it with (yes, SERIOUSLY!).  It's our 4:14 Methodology (or Metabolic Hierarchy).  I recorded an entire podcast explaining it in detail.  If you want all the ins and outs, CLICK HERE to listen.  Today, I'm going to give you the simple version. 

My (Non-Diet) Solution To Rapid (& Long Term) Fat Loss

It all starts with DIGESTION, not the perfect DIET!

Truth - You can eat the healthiest, $20 per pound, grass-fed, organic, grass-finished meat on your Paleo diet - and if you can't digest it, no matter how "healthy" it is, you'll feel miserable, tired, bloated and struggle to lose a pound.  You can use the EXACT meal plan your neighbor did (the one where she lost 60-pounds in 3-months) to go into Ketosis, and after a week of identical eating you're tired, cranky and up 7 pounds.  While Keto is a healthy way to lose rapid weight,  if you can't emulsify fats properly, you'll store all the "healthy" fats as toxic fat.  That's why EVERYTHING comes back to the foundation of whether you can actually digest protein, fat and carbs optimally - before we ever decide what type of eating plan is going to work for your body.  this is why DIGESTION is #1 on the fat-loss program, and DIET and EXERCISE are #6 (in the order of importance).

How do you know if you're digestion is on point?  First, pay attention to symptoms.  Things like bloating, burping, food sitting in your stomach like a rock, stubborn fat stuck in certain areas of the body that just won't budge.  Those are all ways your body is trying to communicate with you and tell you something is wrong.  The problem, you don't speak metabolic language - YET!

Today, I have a FREE Bio-Individual Digestion Assessment to share with you.  Download the assessment, and see if you check off any boxes.  If you do, then I highly suggest, before you decide on your new diet or fitness program, you FIRST take the time to fix your digestion.  Optimize your body's ability to digest, and use the nutrients from, proteins, fats, and carbs.   I promise, if you optimize digestion, you're body will start to shrink without ever touching stepping foot in the gym or going on some crazy calorie deficit diet.  Your body will be happy, your energy will increase, and you'll start sleeping like a baby (well, maybe not if you actually have a baby - been there, done that).

If you're totally confused, or not sure where to start, I'm here for you.  You are welcome to shoot me an email at info@414fitness.com or schedule a free 30-minute Breakthrough Session with me today!  During our Break-Through session we'll dive into your story and develop a plan for you to start changing your health, and your body, today!   It's simple and easy to get started...just pick your time below, answer the questions, and I'll see you soon on a Zoom call!