Have DIETS Left You Fat, Tired, Miserable & Depressed?

It's time to DITCH DIETING & Just Say NO to COOKIE CUTTER Programs.  It's Time To Look at Your Digestion

Introducing: The
Bio-Individuality Foundations Course

You feel "off." You're tired.  You're overweight.  You just want to feel normal and look good again. 
This course will teach you how to run simple self-tests and uncover imbalances that are keeping you fat, tired and miserable.


What is in the
Bio-Individuality Foundations Course?

The diet and fitness world wants you to believe losing weight is all about calories in versus calories out and killing yourself with workouts and cardio.  While calories play a role in weight loss, it's a much smaller role than you've been led to believe.

The Perfect Diet - Doesn't Exist!

Protein, fat and carbs are the key to a healthy balanced body, energy, and the ability to fit into your "skinny" clothes.  The question is, do you have the ability to fully digest these macronutrients?  If you don't, there isn't a diet out there that will leave you feeling energized and dropping your stubborn fat. You'll uncover your imbalances - that's where you start.

Test - Don't Guess.

In order to uncover your imbalances, you'll need to learn how to run simple, at-home self tests.  The information you find from running these tests will take the guesswork out of what's going on with your body.  Your symptoms, along with your stubborn fat, will finally start to make sense.

Develop A Plan. 

You need a plan to optimize your digestion and fill in the gaps where you uncover imbalances.  Your plan should be as unique as you!  This course will teach you how to take your bio-measurements and customize your own plan.

Move at Your Own Pace.

No time constraints.  No mandatory video watching.  Take a week, take a month.  It's completely up to you.  This course is 100% online and designed to work around your life and your time.

What is the Foundations Course?

The Bio-Individuality Foundations Course is the coolest thing in the world.  Instead of guessing about what diet will work for weight loss, we test.  Instead of guessing which supplements might be of use, we test.  

The entire program focuses on laying the foundation and giving you the education to make food work for your body, not against it.

Understand Your Symptoms

Finally uncover what might be contributing to issues like acid reflux, weight gain, zero energy, brain fog & more.

Understand Supplements

Supplements should NEVER be your program.  They should fill in the gaps while you work towards your goals.

Learn to Speak "Metabolism"

Symptoms = Language. It's time to understand the language your body uses to tell you what's wrong.

Uncover Your Personal Imbalances

Never run back to a diet again - test your body and uncover what your imbalances are telling you.

Improve Your Energy

When your body is well nourished and functioning optimally, you'll have a steady supply of daily energy.

Learn How To Adjust Your Food

Information is cool, but you need to know how to take the information and apply to your lifestyle.  You'll do just that.

Get Access Now! Bio-Individuality Foundations Course 

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Don't forget, you get access to all these benefits:

Ditch the diet for good.  Work on digestion and say "bye" to your stubborn fat for good!
Learn to test, so you never guess, about your diet, fitness and food again!
Study at your own pace, on your own time.
Bonus #1:  Fast, Delish, Family-Friendly 5-Ingredient Real Food Cookbook
Bonus #2:  Supplement 101 Q&A time with Sarah

Only $147!

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Got A Question? Here's The Answer...

Does this include fitness and nutrition?

No.  The Foundations course is designed to teach you how to look at your body physiology for the purpose of uncovering imbalances and optimizing digestion.  Sarah has other courses that build upon this information, but are designed to teach you how to use your testing for fitness purposes.

Where do I buy the testing materials for self-tests?

Most items can be purchased at your local health food store.  I've included links to order items off Amazon if you like.  

What supplies do I need to run the self-tests?

We use 2 different types of urinalysis strips, a blood pressure cuff, glucometer, stop watch and yourself.  

How much do the testing supplies cost?

If you have to purchase every single item, most clients spend $60-$100 on testing supplies.  Keep in mind, if you have some of the items at home, you can use those (for example, a blood pressure cuff).

Does this include coaching with Sarah directly?

No.  This course is a stand-alone self-study course.  You have the option, after enrolling in the course, to purchase individual coaching sessions with Sarah.

Is this a medical course?

No.  This course is for informational and educational purposes only.  Always consult your doctor prior to starting any new health program.

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