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The programs I use today are the EXACT programs I needed when my body began to fall apart in my 30's and traditional fitness and nutrition failed me.  

I am beyond excited to share these programs with you and join you on the journey to transform your body, and your health.

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Whether you're looking to start your weight loss journey with education and a study at your own pace course, or you're a social bug ready to join a 4:14 Fitness group, or you prefer 1-on-1 weekly coaching with Sarah, I've got a program just for you.

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It all starts with DIGESTION.  Once you have digestion working, it's time to start eating healthy.  If you haven't started there, I highly suggest taking the Foundations course to learn how to test, and improve, your digestion.

Healthy is different for each of us.  Your body has its own set of unique needs and preferences.  The 4:14 Kitchen Cookbooks have a variety of food options (IIFYM, High-Protein, Low-Carb, Vegetarian, Etc.).

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Download my FREE Digestion Assessment Guide & Discover Steps You Can Take To Make FOOD WORK WITH YOUR BODY, NOT AGAINST IT.

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