Uniquely You Courses & Workshops

When it comes to designing your Fitness program for fat loss, it's important to stop the guessing & start testing.

Each Self-study Courses & Workshop begins with self-testing and wraps up with understanding how to implement your personal results to see progress in your fat loss journey.

Rather than information overwhelm, we'll take one piece of the fitness program at a time and learn to create your program step-by-step.

Available Courses & Workshops:

Fitness Programming for Fat Loss 


Heart Rate Training for Fat Loss           


Supplements 101  

$199 (Workshop + Nutrient Testing Included)

Uniquely You Bundle           $397 (Includes Personal Trainer, HRT for Fat Loss, Supplements 101, Nutrient Testing)

Group Coaching

It's always more fun with a group!  If you're looking to join the journey, but prefer the accountability of other people, you need access to weekly coaching calls, or maybe you need an affordable option to coach with Sarah, then the group program is a perfect fit.

Available Programs:

Fat Loss 101:  12-Week = $600*

*Payment Option Available

Available Programs:

**coming soon**

Fat Loss 101:  6-Week Jumpstart

Fat Loss 101:  12-Week Journey

Private Coaching

These programs are the exactly the same self-study programs, just more accountability to go with them.  Weekly check-ins with Sarah provide for a little more hand-holding and all the questions you have along your journey.

Lose Your BLOAT.  Drop A Few INCHES.  No DIETING Involved.

Download my FREE  Digestion Assessment Guide and Start where every client starts.  Step #1 in the 4:14 Metabolic Hierarchy.

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