Weight-loss designed to work with your body, NOT against it!

At 4:14 Fitness,  Every client starts with the 4:14 Metabolic Hierarchy.  

It's MY Blueprint for YOU to ditch stubborn fat.

When you join the 4:14 Fitness family, I'll send you a (free) Digestion Assessment Guide so you can start Step #1 of the 4:14 Metabolic Hierarchy.

The Diet & Fitness World Has Failed You Time & Time Again.

But I won't.  

Have you tried Keto and gained 10 pounds?  Or was it Whole 30?  You felt better, but you didn't see the results you expected.  Maybe for you, it was low-carb, Atkins, vegan or calorie counting with IIFYM.  If your friend, brother, child, neighbor, pastor. . .literally. . . if ANYONE lost weight on something - you've tried it.

Yet here you are.  Bigger than you've ever been.  Staring at your frumpy clothes, wishing you could fit in the skinny clothes.  You know, the ones in the corner of the closet you REFUSE to throw away - just in case.

You've wasted hours on meal prep that didn't work, counted every calorie and deprived yourself of the fun things in life.  Let's not even talk about the money you've spent on supplements that are still stacked in the cabinet or laying out on the counter.  The worst part - your family never gets the "real" you.  You don't show up with energy, you don't play freely with the kids.  It's like you're never really "there" because your mind is always running circles in your head - about your body.

YOUR body HATES you.  YOU will never fit in a size 8 again.  YOUR older. It's supposed to happen this way.  Look at your mom.  She wasn't tiny, so why should you expect anything different.

STOP!  That mentality will keep you from getting results!

It's time to replace the shame and guilt with hope and promises for a brighter future and a better body!  

YOU need a plan as UNIQUE AS YOU, Designed Around You. No Guessing, No Cookie-Cutter.  


The 4:14 Metabolic Hierarchy to Weight Loss.

It's where EVERY SINGLE CLIENT starts.  4:14's  Metabolic Hierarchy lays the foundation for a life time of success.

Here's What Others Are Experiencing. . .

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4:14 Fitness: 

Energy to keep up with your kids!
Confidence to rock your outfit every time you walk out the door!
Restful sleep that causes you to wake feeling refreshed!
Clear skin. 
To ditch your brain fog!
Hope.  Especially when it comes to your body!

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LOOSE your BLOAT.  DROP a few inches. 


Download your FREE Digestion Assessment Guide. 

It's weight loss,
The 4:14 Fitness Way!